Tone refinement � sound improvement

Your instrument may not use its full potential due to miscellaneous errors which occurred during production.

My philosophy

The term �tone refinement� encompasses for me finding precisely these errors and abolishing them to then, as a final result, present an instrument which uses its full tonal potential.

Improved is the foe of good! (Voltaire)

Music creates movement

Geigen und Instrumententeile zur Tonveredelung.

Seen from an acoustic perspective, string instruments are immensely complex constructions.
Some parts create vibrations (strings), some transfer these (bridges, braces, pegbox) and some emit air (top, back). When playing, this system is in permanent movement, parts tilt, turn or reeve to and fro. Internal resonances of components encounter abatement of various materials and mass particles are accelerated and decelerated.

Good tone from knowledge and expertise

Arbeitstisch mit Werkzeug und Notizblock

In the final end, a tone is only good if all parts are precisely crafted and exactly in tune with each other. An ill-fitting bridge or imprecisely cut sound post will hamper the final result significantly.
It is worthwhile looking at each detail attentively. The determining factor is careful scrutiny of the tone, breaking the tone down and then developing it step by step. I won�t tell more.