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Geigen und Violinen im Regal

Playing an instrument will result in wear and tear. This is absolutely normal. On a guitar it leads to indentations at the frets and on the violin to indentations on the fingerboard and residue of bow rosin on the varnish. On the bow the hairs become thin.

Your instrument is like you:
Living and changing!

Gitarrenbaumeister und Kunde bei der Übergabe des neuen Instrumentes

The ravages of time will leave their traces on your instrument, too. Wood is a natural material. It continues to work and shrinks due to continuous drying and the permanent change in temperature and humidity.
Necks and fretboards become warped because of tension, visible and invisible fissures appear, especially, on tops and bottoms, bonding may come apart, pegs may not fit or may not be turned properly any longer.

Regular maintenance by an expert

Saiteninstrumente im Ständer

Just as you bring your car regularly for inspection to a mechanic, you should visit me regularly with your string instrument. Aging and wear and tear can be detected early an expert and can be eliminated with little effort without leaving permanent traces. This not only improves playability, but also the characteristic tone of the instrument and, hence its value, too.

Violin and guitar care

Don`t wait until extensive repairs become necessary. I can show you what you can do to maintain the good characteristics of your instrument as long as possible � regular changing of strings, cleaning and refreshing of varnish, preserving of fretboard � are a few examples. Every accessory required therefore, you can obtain directly from me.