At some point, your instrument may require a �real� repair which goes beyond regular maintenance.

Breaks and other damages

An instrument may fall over or onto the floor more often than you think. Mechanical damage, fractured headstocks, necks or bodies may be the consequence.
But also, slow effects of aging may require repairs � for example, to your violin.

Every instrument has its weak points ...

Cello in der Reparatur

Along with fissures from dryness, you will often find warped necks, bridges becoming unbonded, lose parts of the bracing and with electric guitars problems with the electronics.
Fissures from dryness and tuning are found frequently on the top of bowed instruments, along with increased unbonding of the finger board or gaping openings between the bottom and the top or back plate.

... and there is a solution to each one

Gitarren in der Instrumentenbau-Werkstatt

Such damages can always be repaired � on any instrument. Even serious damages can be remedied so that only a trained eye can detect these, like for example, inserting precisely fitting new wood parts at fractures.