Baroque cello

The baroque cello I restored was originally built by the Guggenmoos family from Füssen, Bavaria.

The instrument had been reduced in size as many celli had been in that period.
I have restored it to its original �Baroqueness� by incorporating a new neck (original scroll tongued in) in a 91� angle and by placing a new laminated ebony fingerboard on it.

  • Length: 72 cm at bottom
  • Top mensure: 38 cm
  • Neck mensure: 26 cm
  • Scale length: 64,5 cm

The top is large-grained spruce, the back plate is maple cut from in one piece in slab.

The varnish is dark brown on golden yellow surface; the sound is as light as the weight of the instrument.

The A and D strings are unwound gut, silvery sounding, and the G and C strings are wound with silver-plated copper � mild sounding.

The Baroque cello had been �modernized� about 200 years ago and had been played as a 7/8 cello.