news 26.03.2013

I'm happy being able to inform you, that I'll move to new premises "Am Büchl 12" at Freising on the 1th of April 2013.

There I'll have a really nice location, which supplies an creative working environment.

When will you come and visit?


Herve Chouard slicer of the Dalbergia Nigra

After I have succesfully sliced up the CITES-conform "Dalbergia Nigra" or "Rio Jacaranda" while Whitsun 2012, I'll start the development of a new modell soon:

"The Liona Concept"
(a Jazzical-Nylon-String Guitar).

Slicing up the Dalbergia Nigra

you should be curious!

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Dear music connoisseur

Die Optimierung der Deckenbeleitung erfordert große Erfahrung des Gitarrenbaumeisters und entscheidet über den Ton der Gitarre

My Name is Hervé Raoul Chouard and I am happy to welcome you on my homepage. With me you can find everything you need for your string instrument.

I am master luthier for guitar and lute making and, in addition, I have more than 40 years of experience and expertise as violin maker.

My focus: violin and guitar construction

Neben den klanglichen Qualitäten kommt es bei der Vollendung des Geigenkorpus auch auf harmonische Formen an.

One area of focus of my work is in the field of bowed instruments, especially the violin, occasionally the viola and contrabass. Once in a while an instrument from the viola da gamba family is part of my work.

The second area is plucked instruments, mostly guitars, ranging from classic concert guitars all the way to steelstring guitars and also modern electric guitars, including the lute family and even zithers.

In essence: you can visit me if your instrument has a headstock, a neck and a body, furnished with strings.

My instruments / services

Along with master instruments made by my own hands, you can also find used and restored instruments for all budgets. Even if you are the owner of an instrument, visiting me would be worth your while. I perform service and maintenance works, simple repairs and, also, – if wished – extensive restoration of old instruments.

I look forward to your visit.