Pre-owned instruments

Reparaturbedürftige Saiteninstrumente

Not every musician will be able to call a master instrument his own from the start. This is also a matter of price. Therefore, I offer pre-owned instruments for tighter budgets.

Selection and quality of my pre-owned instruments

Gebrauchte Saiteninstrumente in der Reparatur

You will not find mass-produced, industrial instruments from the Far East or Eastern Europe in my selection.
I have experienced that the series production of these instruments is so high that you will seldom find an instrument worth buying.

I only purchase used instruments of solid craftsmanship. Some may require repair which I execute in my workshop to ensure playability. In this was I can work on each instrument specifically and abolish the individual weakness of each instrument.

Your advantages

Gebrauchte Studentengeige nach Beseitung von optischen und tonlichen Schäden

As customer you will receive, for example, a handmade bowed instrument which is generally between 50 and 100 years old (a violin with �style�). The playability has been set up optimally and due to its age and excellent timber quality, the instrument will sound fabulous. I personally warrant this.

For this reason, I am also interested in purchasing quality pre-owned instruments.

In my shop I have the following instruments of varying price ranges on stock:

  • �, �, $/4 violins for students
  • Restored 4/4 workshop and master violins/li>
  • Restored violoncello
  • Student guitars of high quality